Ah! Look.

My Mind mill...

shutterstock_51348808_broken_windshield_620px.jpgWe did not make vows
nor beak rules
We just were

I was the strong one;
(that’s an irony, guys)

That is how we
chose our roles
That is what we
told our friends.

We did not make vows
nor break rules

Instead, we tore
things to irreparable

We did not make vows
We ditched the rules
and now….arrrgh!

Look! Look what
we made us do

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Burn-marks can be derailing

it doesn’t only cause an opening in the skin

but also leaves an eternal superficial mark on one’s body


That noticeable change in one’s skin color or texture

can become an unwanted life-time trademark

and creates a discolored permanent area in the skin


Be it fire, cuts, hot liquid, acidic fluid, macule, allergy, injury, or illness

I despise such skin patches that causes a perpetual emblem