A common dream is what we all own

yet, it turns a crime (disturbance) when a leader fails in his line of duty

and once there’s chaos,

there’s disruption

How long are we going to throw weight on each other’s back?

Aren’t all supposed to be athletes in the same race?

Being a common floor member

or citizen doesn’t mean you’re in a different race.

We’re all in this together,

let nothing disrupt anyone for the vision to be disrupted.







Just like the nice aroma of a pot of broth speaks for itself,
So is a mug of hot chocolate without a froth
Or a glass of beer without a froth on top of stout
Question is, can politicians ever walk majestically with a wroth?
Or read a manifesto with any line of troth?
No, they’ll dance to the tune of apocalyptic lyrics in a goth style



You gave it your best brawl

Put in all your might

So you could get it right


You strived to win the race

Hoping for the finest account

The exertion not so simple

Yet with a trickery orchestra


Death fared a forbidden thing it shouldn’t have done

It laid its icy hands on you

With all cruelty

And obliged you to relent your success

With all potency


You swallowed the throb

But things didn’t go so right

And as you guzzled another tot,

In a more frantic struggle,

You gave in the towel

What went wrong?

This firm anchor gale puny


Humanity is doomed

The sweet turn sore

Making bitterness our earnest plea and only yelp

When will this smooth?



No life is guarantee

Only the Word of God is

Not even the righteous is assured

They too have their draw

Like is a carousel

And death, the final cartridge


They say we must give our best

Yet the casket doesn’t guarantee the first

Nor does it award the swift

Either does it gives life’s yield

For man to form a nest


So why then the struggle, the mischief, the hast

The hate, the betrayal, the tweak

And all the wicked acts?

Life is not guaranteed, someday we’ll all decay


Like my best friend Sidney

But unlike us still alive,

In a faraway strand across the bridge,

A beautiful home awaits Sid

There he needs never die again

There the sun will shine

And he’ll never be unhappy again


The question now is, where will you and I be,

When our lives decay?


This is in loving memory of my good friend, Sidney Laud Yaw Nii Sai Schandorf.

Rest well, buddy.

Your death was really a pain

But God knows best!




The day is hostile
cold wind slicing everything
needle rain hunted for everything

My keen eyes scan surfaces for notches
and my tiny thwarted legs spot for ridges

Seeking for a point where they could interlock

with the walls that already armadillos away down to a gate

I wish my wandering thought doesn’t drive you naught😂😀😃😉😄😯😆




For your children/child to succeed in this cruel world, you must teach them How to think and not What to think.

Better is a day with a great teacher than thousand days of diligent study. Better is a faint ink than the sharpest brain. Parents, be teachers when your children are home and prayer anchors when they are out there in the world (outside home).

You have no idea the kind of things they face outside home. I have been in the cold for years, I know what I’m talking about. Just a handful of us are blessed to be saved. Yours might not be as lucky as some of us were.

Dear Parents, your children need you more than you can ever imagine. It’s never too late, start Now! Let’s teach them in the way they should go and when they grow, they will not depart from it.

I’m high for a Generation that knows Christ and their purpose. Always high for such a Generation. Join the train before Shock takes you by Surprise. We need this!

NB: Italic words are borrowed words from Gabriel Ofori Yeboah.

#BeYourChildrenTeacher #BeTheirPrayerPartner


To the strong out there,

May we know them

May we raise them

May we be one of them

May we together change the changeable

Above all, may we be the #bosschic in our regime to come.


Happy International Women’s Day to all fellow women out there.

I bet we’d be women a thousand times!


Photo Credit: wonder woman