We met on the internet but behaved like we knew each other from Adam
it’s a special coincidence that surrounded you and I.
it’s a coincidence dear, the one that only you and I know how it evolves.
it’s only us absolutely loving every bit of our fate……

We will always be together, I see…

our friendship going beyond all barriers of communication
it’s beyond anybody else’s contemplation
because you understand me and I appreciate you
and how much we love and care for each other
nobody else has a clue

yes no one can fathom it

Even when we didn’t know how we look like
our heart already breath mutual oneness
I sit and wait each day to confirm the song my heart always plays;
of laughter’s love, yearn and of tears of joy
then a night came, where we finally met,

guess what!
you washed away all my fears
to be my friend and so deep to be called a true friend
I know why I don’t get much sleep now
I have waited through ages of distance quantum
so many years to find something

just something
that I could hold unto as I journey through the writer’s path
and now I know
I’ll never be blue for I have it now

I have found….
found a True FRIEND in You!

A good friend I can call My Computer
for I know you will enter my life with the help of your MS
save me in your heart’s software,
formats my problems and worries,
get the best anti-virus to protect me,
so I never get corrupted
shift me to opportunities and
never delete me from your internal memory.
Thank you, Pal.

Mucho gracias, merci camaraderie;
for the Eerie Friendship you have offered me!



He calls himself the silence vocalist
Yet his lady’s desperate heart aches to listen
The busy-bee(the lady) is always injured to know more
Poking its nose into wasted waters
Silent of the frank in question

Not her thing, style or want to push swiftly
Frankly to be truthful, he goes mute;
silent and dead at the least push
Like logs of wood going at logger-heads
He gets pissed, head over heels

Pondering with a look of wander
He goes one more time in yonder
Heart and lungs exclaim in jumbo anguish
Just one more push…..
And the rocky silence will speak
She consoles her aching chest

Face frown in prone;
pain and anguish marred again
Body drumming in breaking rhythms
Let my being save my arms and
throat from hard work
She will exclaim with a long face
For it just couldn’t work,
the silence can’t be broken.
He is indeed a silence freak
A Mikkie freaky, he is!Colors-of-Silence



There were times;
times when the chest never gets frozen
But at this juncture
The chest is perforated;
with cold Emotions,
Of which it is long overdue
State of the mind on pause
Flapping goodbyes to acquaintances
The heart is on exile!

Again, chest couldn’t make it through the milky way
Hopes dashed’
Emotions tested once more;
Still…chest couldn’t sail across the sun
Heart on exile!

Soul exclaims!
The chest have had enough;
the time has come for
the heart to tell how it has
defiled the joys of love
And the broken bond of togetherness

Trust for humanity has wreak
the soul of amendments;
forgetting that the world still moves in circles
So I snapped, panted and swore
That, the love of the heart,
Be exile

Emmm…, emmmm,…, emmmm
I pray thee Abba; do not let this heart go on exile;
Else, shoes will be tied, panties zipped
and trees zapped for good
But into your hands I commit my soul
I have reached; reached the end of my scope!



When the world unravels before you
and even your dreams are crumbling stones
when everything you dare to touch is set on fire
and all around you is ash and smoke
remember this;

rock bottom is a perfect place for rebuilding
remember that you are a soul limbo
the world’s answered prayers
a whole bloodline of hope
who bend in response to raging winds
there is nothing broken here
nothing damaged or discarded
each scar is a badge of honor

your smile is an act of defiance against the sun
every misstep is a victory dance waiting to happen
You are an eminent becoming
learning the complicated language of forgiveness
the intricate lessons of the universe
Your heart is just a muscle waiting for exercise
and you were born for this sort of heavy lifting

You were born one part saint;
one part warrior being
Loving yourself without shame
is the most important thing
This isn’t a poem, rather a thought to motivate u!