He hates it.
Waking up every morning to find that old unruly sun,
peeping through his window panes.

He loves sleeping, he knows that but he prefers waking up on his own
and not to a whiny alarm clock or the bright rays of the ol’ sun.
Neither to the brutal sound of Mubsy’s footsteps…….
yes, he does wake him up with that sometimes.
He will sigh as he turns over, still not getting up.
Don’t blame him, He has a lot to think about.
Like his future, his past and oooops!

His dream private jet dilemma
What does he really want to become?
He feels like two human beings…
or spirits are always fighting within him.
One wants him to be gentle and
behaves like how everybody expects him to;
while the other wants him to be a BIT rebellious
and leave home to explore the world.

His brain is always jumble with thoughts.
I wonder what I’m going to do without that private jet
He marvels
what will I choose over it?
He sigh and doze off again.
That’s the fun thing about being a Team Hustler.

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