Back then, yesterday ago
And even now, today……like right now
She ha(s)d lot of lovers chasing after her
Of which, she still has
Lucky her, so many admirers but has no eyes for none
Aah she exclaimed, I feel for them
But not until I found myself in their shoes
If only I could turn back the hand of time;
an unbroken heart would have been mine

Damn it! She n(ever) dreamt she could be in such ditch
God must be busy then;
Maybe true, maybe false
I would have chosen one before dawn breaks
Just one…… that pampers
But here I am
I grief, lament and worse of all, yearn for my past suitors
They are nowhere to be endowed……they’re gone
Men, guys, folks……maybe boys too
All trooping and going low for me
Oops, that was before
Those pleas, all my life have been
what a damsel I used to be and still am!


She cannot find her pieces now!
All goodies that came chasing her;
into the bin they went
For a mystery has befallen her
And she return dissolved in her tears,
She loved hot but cold has become
a formidable opponent
She has seen enough
My eyes are bruised, again she laments
Too many needless have pricked me
No further will I go
Good or bad
I will not coil back into my old shell
Here, I will be; love-bridge!
I have seen enough
My eyes are bruised

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