Loneliness and things

Great, I found my piece in it after reading it.


If nothing else, these past few months have been awfully lonesome.  I am not one of those people who cannot spend time alone, far from it, but I pass way too many hours by myself that it is borderline unhealthy.  The fact that I am not in school and unemployed certainly has a lot to do with that.  Now, I am not depressed but my monotonous everyday routine has grown quite boring and unexciting to say the least.  I mean, I am not a home-body who never leaves the house but my social life is definitely sub-par.  Then there is the fact that I am killing time so frequently that it is just absurd.  I do play basketball with some considerable frequency but that is only for so many hours at a time.  I miss having work to do, having a purpose to my days instead of just burning time…

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