When the world unravels before you
and even your dreams are crumbling stones
when everything you dare to touch is set on fire
and all around you is ash and smoke
remember this;

rock bottom is a perfect place for rebuilding
remember that you are a soul limbo
the world’s answered prayers
a whole bloodline of hope
who bend in response to raging winds
there is nothing broken here
nothing damaged or discarded
each scar is a badge of honor

your smile is an act of defiance against the sun
every misstep is a victory dance waiting to happen
You are an eminent becoming
learning the complicated language of forgiveness
the intricate lessons of the universe
Your heart is just a muscle waiting for exercise
and you were born for this sort of heavy lifting

You were born one part saint;
one part warrior being
Loving yourself without shame
is the most important thing
This isn’t a poem, rather a thought to motivate u!


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