What is life without forgiveness?
Someday, we will forget the hurt
the reason we cry
and who caused us the pain
And when we finally realized the secret of being free;
we will acknowledge vengeance isn’t ours to reckon with

For being free is not revenge
but letting things unfold in their own way and space of time.
Even though where you sit might not be
where u belong;
It is better than the floor.


Let’s understand that,
it is futile to fight back fate, destiny
or the will of God;
it’s just impossible to forge our own destinies
so why hold back……………
when we are flawed mammals
Yes, that’s what we’re made of.

It’s a good thing to fight but not what is fated
After all, what matters is not the first
but the last chapter of our lives;
which shows how well we have ran the race
So smile, laugh, believe, forgive and learn to forget
For u have a reason to love all over again

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