There were times;
times when the chest never gets frozen
But at this juncture
The chest is perforated;
with cold Emotions,
Of which it is long overdue
State of the mind on pause
Flapping goodbyes to acquaintances
The heart is on exile!

Again, chest couldn’t make it through the milky way
Hopes dashed’
Emotions tested once more;
Still…chest couldn’t sail across the sun
Heart on exile!

Soul exclaims!
The chest have had enough;
the time has come for
the heart to tell how it has
defiled the joys of love
And the broken bond of togetherness

Trust for humanity has wreak
the soul of amendments;
forgetting that the world still moves in circles
So I snapped, panted and swore
That, the love of the heart,
Be exile

Emmm…, emmmm,…, emmmm
I pray thee Abba; do not let this heart go on exile;
Else, shoes will be tied, panties zipped
and trees zapped for good
But into your hands I commit my soul
I have reached; reached the end of my scope!



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