He calls himself the silence vocalist
Yet his lady’s desperate heart aches to listen
The busy-bee(the lady) is always injured to know more
Poking its nose into wasted waters
Silent of the frank in question

Not her thing, style or want to push swiftly
Frankly to be truthful, he goes mute;
silent and dead at the least push
Like logs of wood going at logger-heads
He gets pissed, head over heels

Pondering with a look of wander
He goes one more time in yonder
Heart and lungs exclaim in jumbo anguish
Just one more push…..
And the rocky silence will speak
She consoles her aching chest

Face frown in prone;
pain and anguish marred again
Body drumming in breaking rhythms
Let my being save my arms and
throat from hard work
She will exclaim with a long face
For it just couldn’t work,
the silence can’t be broken.
He is indeed a silence freak
A Mikkie freaky, he is!Colors-of-Silence


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