We met on the internet but behaved like we knew each other from Adam
it’s a special coincidence that surrounded you and I.
it’s a coincidence dear, the one that only you and I know how it evolves.
it’s only us absolutely loving every bit of our fate……

We will always be together, I see…

our friendship going beyond all barriers of communication
it’s beyond anybody else’s contemplation
because you understand me and I appreciate you
and how much we love and care for each other
nobody else has a clue

yes no one can fathom it

Even when we didn’t know how we look like
our heart already breath mutual oneness
I sit and wait each day to confirm the song my heart always plays;
of laughter’s love, yearn and of tears of joy
then a night came, where we finally met,

guess what!
you washed away all my fears
to be my friend and so deep to be called a true friend
I know why I don’t get much sleep now
I have waited through ages of distance quantum
so many years to find something

just something
that I could hold unto as I journey through the writer’s path
and now I know
I’ll never be blue for I have it now

I have found….
found a True FRIEND in You!

A good friend I can call My Computer
for I know you will enter my life with the help of your MS
save me in your heart’s software,
formats my problems and worries,
get the best anti-virus to protect me,
so I never get corrupted
shift me to opportunities and
never delete me from your internal memory.
Thank you, Pal.

Mucho gracias, merci camaraderie;
for the Eerie Friendship you have offered me!



  1. I like the line “never delete me from you internal memory” waiting through distance quantum” The title explains this poem well… Sending Hugs from computerland (laughing its something this internet! I am reminding in the 90’s that computers were not so popular and now Humans can’t live without it…

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