“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are; but how you deal with incompatibility…..” – George Levinger.

“A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband…” –Michel De Montaigne.

Like the moon, marriage is radiant with eclipse of anguish slaps
for there has been an icy patches on its being
too many words coming from loose mouths;
you will feel pressured at a point
your head may begin to fall off

You will wish you could quit aging
so you could plea;
plea to become a fetus in Mama’s womb again
because you will be furious and your heart tearing apart
society will say your days are spinning
through the moments of nuptial bliss

But don’t you bow to the nagging of society
for the journey is one to mar

The Nuptial Box!

Parents, siblings, friends,
aunties, uncles, cousins, acquaintances,
and maybe nephews and nieces too
everyone except you is too desperate than yourself
What they failed to know even at the expense of life’s own whips
is that;
marriage at the start is an empty box
yes, it’s an empty
when one takes out more than they put in
the box will eventually be Empty
The Nuptial Box!

Families and society are too afraid you will outgrow the stage of childbirth;
call it motherhood
Again, what they failed to understand is that;
to be a parent,
one doesn’t necessarily need to have children of their own
the relationship from their heart to humanity makes them responsible parents
The magic however
isn’t about getting married
It’s about understanding Marriage
and who is really ready to tolerate you for as long as it may matters
Truth is, the Nuptial Box is empty;
One needs to put something in before
they can take out

In age quantum,
spouses may be
up-bottom but in marriage codes
they are bottom-up!
To infuse experiences into the empty marital box, one needs to
pause, give it time, give themselves a break and note this;
first, you have to learn the art or have the habit of giving, loving, serving and praising to keep the box full always

Listen to me,

my dear family, friends, relatives, first flightiest, mates on board
and also to you the one reading this;
your neck will cause you so much discomfort,
things will get done when they need to
Marriage is where your spouse is so be patient
he/she will find you when it matters
oh yeah, that person will join you in love, kept by God forever

And so in the cycle of time,
let faith find you that god-given spouse
For at the right time, it will happen for all the right reasons!
Don’t let the woes of tradition mislead you marriage is not a norm;
So speaks –
The Nuptial Box!

French Marriage Box

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