Our mistakes, Our shortcomings
our flaws, our forth-comings
our fears, Our weakness
all of these give us our texture
of which turns to hem our composure
try to be yourself
Cos u are amazing
just the way u are
don’t craft a new type of persona for yourself
for the first person
is super awesome, it perfects how God wants u to be
plant your own acorns
before winter stops
If I have my own way
I will tell u over and over again
hubris is my way of adoring u
down on my bended knee
I adore u more
for being just who u are
I pray thee,
learn to be your own moral fiber!

Constantly coach yourself
to improve upon your being
stop giving way to many damns
no one will move the dirty dishes
out of the way for u to sit and eat
Be an arrogant son of a bitch
who is trying to walk the path of humanity
lie low in the seeker’s dungeon;
for that’s where the last vestiges of ego go to play

Briefly put, be your own self fiber
That way, u can reflect your very sun!

wake up in 2016
clutching to this be the remix of a new you!

Happy Thirty-fourth birthday, Abhra!

Written for dVerse – a birthday gift for Abhra.


11 Replies to “SELF FIBER”

  1. Ah yes.. my friend.. a passionate tough and unconditional
    Love for us and all others too as is.. as we all journey
    this path of being human together
    and alone in seeker’s
    of unparadise
    too.. but HelL
    is a place
    with EL
    of God
    as housed
    H and L..
    tHe DArk
    makes the
    liGht.. no

    Being Human
    Heaven price..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Briefly put, be your own self fiber
    That way, u can reflect your very sun!”

    I love this – and yes it is something that I have always believed. Thanks for making my birthday special.

    Liked by 1 person

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