Not for once upon my arrival on earth have I nurtured a resolution
but this year have welcomed me not only with a surprise but with a difference
Funnily enough, 2015 has embraced me with marvelous intentions
that which has combat me to roll up my sleeves
‘tis a season of firm decisions, intents, aims, plans
and of life prioritization; a time to step into the light of hope
yeh for once I have been zoomed into a grit of influx commitment where I could
delete certain things in order to create space for new downloads

Never, and I mean never, have I wrap myself in the austerity of annually resolutions
‘cos many dark, darker and darkest days have I seen
of doom, mirage, failures, regrets and maybe of rigors disappointments
Dream beyond dreams; I dare not show my discontentment in the past years
least I will turn from myself another self of fractured supple aura

But now I feel the magic current of a new urge; to sniff out fresh breath of breeze. Hence, let
me seize this moment to change my sleeping position……where a scent incensed blanket is laid;
to start a new dream that would amend the old garbage. Mind u, night may prevail but in the day shall I enter and should I wake up the second time; I will gather my clutter for a new buildup of brilliant architect ideas…..……, this way; I would not have to fight battles of buttered failures and of regrets in “Had I known” apparel. And in this same vain, I’ll remind my greedy peeps that, much efforts and zeal have been put in place to formulate my concept dream; yeh I journeyed from meager beginning to build for myself a respectable empire. On this note, permit me to action my priorities for the year;

Priority ≠1: Win a Soul for Christ this season
Priority ≠2: Love without suffering or regretting
Priority ≠3: Select my friends with conscious prudence; meaning all old pals have been ruled out. A fresh page has been captioned for a new row-call. And if it happens that, u do not come across your name on my friendship slate, remember two things are involved here, is either your part of the story in my life is over or we’re not joint together anymore. Sorry, I wish our friendship wasn’t fading………….
Priority ≠4: Take skeptical and calculated risks of adventure, something different must evolved. It could be anything…… anything that could launch me to discover something new.
Draw me near to more contentment oh 2015; as I roll up my sleeves once more…………
but before I conclude on my constructive lines; may I now borrow your lines of honor in insomnia, my dear Dante Gabriel Rossetti…………that sayth;
If faith long bound to one true goal……..;
may there at length its hope beget,
for endorsement begets endorsement
forever nearer yet; I will cross bridges where I will never be unhappy again. Yes, sleeves rolled up!


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