The kind of friends any relationship would have…

My favorite so far!

bexy695's Blog

Bonjour Amigo’s!

You know some bloggers and Youtubers have their own ways of saying hi? Yeah, well I thought I should have one so that is mine. I always say it when I see my friends… Don’t ask why… I just do!

Friends are weird things, but everyone has them. You get the friends who are exactly like you, so they like to eat more or less the completely same thing as you do. There is the forgetful friend. If you are planning on meeting up and you tell them to bring something. I am pretty sure at least one of your friends will be forgetful and forget about it.

The loving friend is always going to be giving you friendly advise and will always know when you are feeling upset. And their are friends you have known for like, EVER! You have that friend that you think is the…

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