In the center of things and between the pressing African Continent
lies the beautiful city of Nairobi with its small pictorial
Lake Naivasha naturally designed in a windswept plateau
Of adventure, welcomes the Rift Raft Crater that defines
nothing, but everything of concave landscapes and pastoralism;
and at a distance, stands the contour plains that curls its aurora
skyscrapers apartments into the corners of Alego, Mombasa,
Lamu and other neighboring inhabitants just to mention a few
not forgetting the mimic orchid canopy of the tea plantation
All hail Kenya; the dust ahead the rest…, the Africa origin of tourism
the beauty of Nairobi both at day and night apprise its culture and history
oh East Africa; house of Safari…the only home that truly connects Africa;
rest solemnly on your paramount stool that has long been built with
the rhino cement and proclaims the drumming beats of hakuna matata


With a refraction of forest slate; the city center of Nairobi
is dotted with the archaeological craftiness of artifacts;
making the hills on the horizon eject from a merchandised trade fair zone
the cold windy air that breezed at night mimic the winter season in the western
Verily, verily I can’t conclude without hailing the African Polenta; the Ugali(Posho) dish
the popular last stop Kenyan eatery that features most of the local cuisines;
it is best served with stir fried vegetables or meat sauce masala but in Kenya,
it is eaten with the almighty nyama choma(grilled barbeque meat) and katchumbari
trust me, this meal is very delicious and nice………u got to try it; it’s yummy!
Oh Kenya, how many times do I have to visit to get enough of you
and should I change my mind, what ruin will befall me? A reminiscing of doom?
what a monarch of history you have made for yourself; great kingdom of hakuna matata
Indeed there is no worries for the rest of your days……ooh, our days for that matter
Go Kenya, prove yourself proven to globalization and by so doing;
let no war break you from being the breastplate of Africa
Just like the Hellenistic hymn to Apollo; the same canticle goes to
the rest of my beloved African nations, let love amps you in unison
for a day will come………………just at the breaking of dawn;
where blood shedding will run dry in the notch of time
and simple mediocrity cannot suffice Africa anymore
rather, many artistries and delicacies will be taught to merge fantasy with truth
Hakuna matata; the phrase that truly defines Africa. Victory is our Trophy!

Please Like and comment, even critics are warmly welcome- they make me learn better. Thank you.



  1. Hello Rytha, I very much enjoyed your detailed descriptions of Nairobi, a city I know very little about but from your writing it appears a place well worth the visit.
    Good luck with your writing and I look forward to reading more of your words. Have a good weekend. Michael.


  2. SMiLes.. my friend..
    third world country
    sTill.. TS..
    eYes oF hungry
    Eyes Of briGht
    i’s that need each
    other continue to
    gRow GRow GROW
    a heARt.. SpiRit and
    balanCinG SoUl.. moving
    connecting.. creating.. giving
    sharing.. human sTill liVes iN Peace..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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