you’ve learned another secret about me

My point– we- as in you and I– have to use our common sense and our hearts as guides us to what is and what isn’t right for us. My fav.

Tilly Rivers

Dear World– It’s me Tilly

I have found myself rather sentimental a lot  this year; and if possible, I’ve been thinking even more. And when I  say “if possible”—– trust me- I am a thinker. I think, analyze and think again.

So why has this come upon me with a vengeance? Is this because I am creeping ever closer to my 50th year of life? Is it just because of where I am in life’s cycle? Or is it… just…because?

We call people “sentimental” when they express unusually strong emotional attachments to events, objects, places, eras and beliefs. There are articles out there that say being too sentimental is harmful, but then there are articles on how to roast a variety of different bugs and ants for dinner- and thank you but no, while I like to consider myself an adventurous eater, I will pass on the deep-fried…

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