Tonight, I am six again, and your
hands hold me shivering there,
anchored to your shoulders,

Your eyes still gazed at me
as though I am on a toddler’s mission
fallen to the floor at the verge of
taking my first step

navigating waters lapping now my
knees, your chest, rising like the
storm’s dark curse. Now here, your

heart leap to my salvage
then an innocent smile divided my lips
what an apple of the day I was with your

gnarled hand in mine, in prayer,
I bow my head and thank what
vagrant providence gave me you –

I may not remember everything you’ve done for me
but I will definitely remember how special you make me feel
To me, no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks

if only for this briefest time, this
night – who laddered me to higher
ground, my weathered ark, my rock.

And for being the Mom that you are, I pray for you tonight;
may you have everything you’ve ever wished for and always
be blessed Mom……..permanecer bendita, Mama(Spanish)
Yes mommy, I love you dearly……si, mama soy tee quire mucho(Spanish)

An acrostic poem for dverse poets pub. Brian Miller is tending the bar to break some rules. I most times feel reluctant to follow the prompts, since I mostly miss it. But then, I try to join in again. I may have not got it right but still wish to give it a try anyway. After all, isn’t trying again and again that makes one perfect? I have decided to add some few line to “FLOODWATERS” by Samuel Peralta, where I can submit to MTB.

Please note; all italicized lines are from the originator’s ink but the non-italicized ones are my made up.

Copyright (c) Samuel Peralta. All rights reserved.

30 Replies to “FLOODWATERS- dVerse”

    1. PS Am I being dumb or have you misnamed the form? I don’t get how it’s acrostic. (Not that the form matters too much, in the face of this beautiful result. But I’m curious.)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m a proud mama’s boy, so this hits home… I love how this starts off, as I do feel like a little kid in my mother’s presence, kind of… smiles.

    And, “who laddered me to higher
    ground, my weathered ark, my rock.” – nice… it’s great to have a mom who just wants you to be
    the best version of yourself and up lifts your spirit…

    Liked by 1 person

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