NATIVE BEAUTY- dVerse Poet Pub

Thank you humanity, I am blessed to keep
a natural hair……said, no one ever…..
for time greys the golden locks

No crown is more regal than a consecrated
natural hair
her barriers a mere façade;
whiles just her afro hair construe with
water, stray and shea but’er

Locks twisted into bantu knots
then to a clinch congealed triumphs
with faint whisper and gentle sweep behind ear;
she ignores totems from Nubia to Olmec
and zooms into “native beauty”

Swinging her fingers into it;
is what she loves to do most
hubris……..heaven yes…….
tall guys with cute laughs, deep voices
and a messy hair attracts better
so do girlies with natural looks
they’re pegged with native beauty!


Posted for dVerse hosted by Anthony:
writing about Hair

22 Replies to “NATIVE BEAUTY- dVerse Poet Pub”

  1. i can say from a guys perspective…i prefer the natural look…
    and it defies the definition we have made of beauty in society at large…
    as i told katie mia…i think it comes down to how comfortable you are with yourself
    because confidence, no matter how you look says more…imho

    seen you around dverse the last little bit…if i have not officially welcomed you
    welcome….enjoy visiting others…leaving feedback…that is what we do….
    we are a community
    not just a promotional tool for poets….

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    1. Thank you Brian, it feels good to receive a warm welcome. I might say that, I’m most privilege to be a part of this great family. I must add that, to be confident, one must be coherent with a firm trust; both inside and outside. Many thanks for that comment.


  2. I remember back in the ’70s, a quest for the more natural look and then it faded. I am glad to see it has made a comeback. True beauty and such a joy to behold. Good words in this poem. Indeed, all of us can take a lesson about being natural and naturally beautiful…being true to oneself.

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