I’m scarred by colors and loudness

that is why I get excited at the thought of a rainbow

I can mix with a bouquet of flowers without fear of being seen
so I do pick the perfect costume
that will fit the tone of my height and size
and I pray each morn’g to see
the golden sunbeam on a public street
just to ignite my red carpet catwalk
I always want the mirror to judge
my appearance before the sun adorns it
sparkling pearls
lightening up my neck
brightening the sole of my shoe
bringing the best out in me
I’ve got a chronic penchant


Something dear and near to me
my most treasured outfit
mix colors with a touch of pencil heel

a fondness that
outwit the outcome
and when the time is right for the Prince to see me,
in his presence will I walk majestically
to escort his hand in my palm

trust me;

rags of many colors
is more worthy than all queenly costumes;
cherished with love

clutch to prying eyes

So with patches on my britches
holes in both shoes,
in my coat of many colors
I hurried off to the street
with a pride of glamour
permit me, you there

permit me…

to brag with my coat of many colors


I am rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors

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Note: All italicized lines are borrowed words from “Coat of Many Colors” lyrics

Meeting the prompt; writing a poem of costumes or masks -dVerse.


Dated On: February 18, 2015.

Y’ello Me,

As I embark on this magnificent journey of life, I take up the work of not just making a living but making a life. I know I have more work to do; hard work, frightening work, uncertain work and unending work. Work that may test me, defeat me and the one that the whole world especially, my family will look up to. The time is short and the odds are long but I believe that, I am ready nonetheless, with the lessons of the toils of my life experiences, with the strength of those who would love to stand by me regardless as I face what lies ahead of me and with the great amour of God, I ink down my five years’ future short term plans/resolution(five years because, I’m still young and just about to start life after graduating from the university).
Five years from now, I should be able to achieve the below;

  • A great Academic Achievement. This is my one great thing, a life time dream, one that I will never vent on. I have plans of reading Law and in the next five years, I should see myself working with a prestigious company as best Legal Adviser.
  • A good and happy Marriage(one that is not far from perfect). I want to be married to a man after God’s own heart and after my heart too. Trust me, I owe my kids the best Dad.
  • The dream of having the most adorable Kids. I desire to go through two pregnancy stage and out of these two, I pray God blesses me with a set of twin(any gender is preferable).
  • Have a Structure and Business of my own. I should able to have something tangible to hold unto. A profound business will be an asset. Definitely. I already have a small business I’m currently running though but I want to see it firmly rooted in five years from now.
  • A Piece of Magic. Naturally, I love to write, writing makes me and until I come up with that great piece, I wouldn’t call writing my calling. This in particular can feature in my long term goals though. Actually, see this as a caveat addition.

Just to add, always remember there is nothing impossible for a positive mind. This is true in the sense that, whatever the inner urges, that shall become true. And so whatever my labors and aspirations are, in the noisy toils of life, I still keep peace with my soul. I yearn to get there but I’m not in a hurry because I don’t want to miss my steps. I will live in faith and keep hoping for a better tomorrow. A personal mandate of mine is to help make the world a better place for myself and everyone around me. Big or small, everything matters, every effort counts and everyone who crosses my path contributes. I also have my plan A, B&C that backs up this plan but above all, I will always remember to stay focus with the quest to be the Best Me. In ready for all the Test, I see the Greater Me in the notch future; whether good or weird, I shall sail through it all un-scattered.

Writing to meet the dVerse prompt, where Grace asked us to write a poem from the Future considering a poem from TED Fellow Ben Burke.


After the day’s deep thinking
may this silent and pleasant night
relax me;
as I lay aside my frights, troubles, thoughts
and the fears of the notch future ahead
which awaits me tomorrow

Verily ……….verily
I wish to be unnoticed in my sleep
so I can have courage to spread my wings and
fly away the worries of tomorrow’s next with a fresh glance
oops I want to sleep……….
sleep into an oblivion
as the night brings me to unexpected
intrusion of beauty and perfection
for I see……………..see
a breaking day in my dream’s thought.


This is submitted to dVerse Poetics where we are writing to the art of Danny Gregory.


Spacing out over the course of several minutes
I give up the quest
at least for this very moment
lest it will appear that I’m attempt’g to pry
but let not such moment bring on an attack of panic,
speechlessness, and clammy palms………
rather, help me make a way
through such uncharted waters;
may my old-good faith effort clearly strike up a godly chitchat
that will amend all my wrongs
and may your thoughts be with me in this difficult times

I know you won’t trod me black and keep your greater love
from me for another day………even if it will be so;
before you pare me down completely
my acknowledgement here is a grateful “thank you”
and as I step on my accelerator pedal
to build my fate and conquer my fears
I wish to send my strong petition to heaven once more
to reaffirm my faith with the angels all exulting

for I am also convinced that, I have affronted you in diverse ways
I didn’t mean to give offense or fall shorts of thy glory
but I must add that, I feel like a klutz before your very presence
Can I say I’m sorry? At least, for a change…………….
I don’t know how I would have made it without you tagging alone
I am sorry Lord, forgive the sins of your servant
all of it………walk with me all over again……
this is my endless plea, Lord!



Like a bleak dew-winter day
so cold, wintry, keen, lunar, denuded….
maybe windswept too;
visions, plans……..all getting blurred at the grim of snow
even dreams are delayed
and errands go numb
designing a signpost of a grim wealth!

Outside is so cold
and every inside loophole bottled up
for a conducive indoor warming
men, women, children, the aged
maybe animals too
all snuggled in blankets of wool
even our mad peeps on the street get stuck in broken ovens
for snow fall fast and wide
yes veiling each hill like a lacy bride
This, is the mirage of snow dust.


This is submitted to dVerse Poetics where we were asked to write on SNOW.