Like a bleak dew-winter day
so cold, wintry, keen, lunar, denuded….
maybe windswept too;
visions, plans……..all getting blurred at the grim of snow
even dreams are delayed
and errands go numb
designing a signpost of a grim wealth!

Outside is so cold
and every inside loophole bottled up
for a conducive indoor warming
men, women, children, the aged
maybe animals too
all snuggled in blankets of wool
even our mad peeps on the street get stuck in broken ovens
for snow fall fast and wide
yes veiling each hill like a lacy bride
This, is the mirage of snow dust.


This is submitted to dVerse Poetics where we were asked to write on SNOW.

17 Replies to “SNOW DUST”

  1. Yes.. Beautiful.. Amazing.. and such a challenge of how something intricately wondrous as a unique snowflake combined with a gazillion others can change the landscape of human life..

    Putting a slow to fast paced culture to the speed of nature.. that will have her way.. even if we hide away.. in homes.. woolen blankets.. and street side stoves..:)

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  2. Your cosiness inside sounds so inviting – stay safe, away from the cold. Just came back from a couple of hours on the slopes – the worst fog and cold that I’ve ever experienced. I really thought I would die there. Very relieved to be home in the warmth again!

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  3. nice… i like the lazy bride image… oh it’s so cold over here at the moment – i’m snuggled up in a wool blanket as well…no snow though unfortunately – think it’s even too cold for snow

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