Spacing out over the course of several minutes
I give up the quest
at least for this very moment
lest it will appear that I’m attempt’g to pry
but let not such moment bring on an attack of panic,
speechlessness, and clammy palms………
rather, help me make a way
through such uncharted waters;
may my old-good faith effort clearly strike up a godly chitchat
that will amend all my wrongs
and may your thoughts be with me in this difficult times

I know you won’t trod me black and keep your greater love
from me for another day………even if it will be so;
before you pare me down completely
my acknowledgement here is a grateful “thank you”
and as I step on my accelerator pedal
to build my fate and conquer my fears
I wish to send my strong petition to heaven once more
to reaffirm my faith with the angels all exulting

for I am also convinced that, I have affronted you in diverse ways
I didn’t mean to give offense or fall shorts of thy glory
but I must add that, I feel like a klutz before your very presence
Can I say I’m sorry? At least, for a change…………….
I don’t know how I would have made it without you tagging alone
I am sorry Lord, forgive the sins of your servant
all of it………walk with me all over again……
this is my endless plea, Lord!



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