I’m scarred by colors and loudness

that is why I get excited at the thought of a rainbow

I can mix with a bouquet of flowers without fear of being seen
so I do pick the perfect costume
that will fit the tone of my height and size
and I pray each morn’g to see
the golden sunbeam on a public street
just to ignite my red carpet catwalk
I always want the mirror to judge
my appearance before the sun adorns it
sparkling pearls
lightening up my neck
brightening the sole of my shoe
bringing the best out in me
I’ve got a chronic penchant


Something dear and near to me
my most treasured outfit
mix colors with a touch of pencil heel

a fondness that
outwit the outcome
and when the time is right for the Prince to see me,
in his presence will I walk majestically
to escort his hand in my palm

trust me;

rags of many colors
is more worthy than all queenly costumes;
cherished with love

clutch to prying eyes

So with patches on my britches
holes in both shoes,
in my coat of many colors
I hurried off to the street
with a pride of glamour
permit me, you there

permit me…

to brag with my coat of many colors


I am rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors

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Note: All italicized lines are borrowed words from “Coat of Many Colors” lyrics

Meeting the prompt; writing a poem of costumes or masks -dVerse.

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