PANICS II- In Poetry Prose

This is the Part 2 of the Panics, thus, after the Pregnancy Test was conducted……..

First, I thought the morning bird could help bring you the news
but here I am, with my mouth open with words to shed
And as I watched the pregnancy test tube twitch
I nudged my heart to find out if I need some more artificial oxygen or not
my eyes grew bright as the brow move tick tock tick tock
It didn’t take too long to get the result after the experiment
guess it’s to save me before I get destructed from my chronic fear
even though I believe there’s life after death

My whole being bulge with a cracking relief when I saw a single line grew red
meaning- Negative or Not Pregnant! Just what I wanted to see
So unto you, dear comrade, I open a resume of acute confession
for I have confronted a panic that intertwine with peace, relief, security and liberation
from the threat of giving birth out of wedlock

Indeed, man can’t pretend every stage of life is the same
hence on this day; I resume, exhume, extend
and confess my fun making at the altar of chastity.
Hubris, here am I now, experiencing my flow after taking so much sweet at Kuku’s birthday party on Friday night. And the cramps…….ouch, very painful and severe….it’s for a good course though; wink wink!

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