To my lovely Child…………..
when I found out you were on your way, I was excited
I couldn’t imagine myself pregnant and being a mother.
I remember getting tired of you when the doctor told me it was not yet time to push you out

I couldn’t wait any longer.
I remember vividly on that hospital bed when they brought you out,
I was so angry that, something so little as you could give me so much pain,
heart burns and all that.

When it was time to hold you, I looked into your already open eyes
and I was blown away, then I said to myself………’s over for me.
I fell in love with you instantly.
This love I feel will never die, it will stand the test of time.
this love will help you up when you fall,……this love will guide you.
You are a gift from God; the beauty of all creation
you are the apple of God’s eyes- usted es la manzana del ojo de Dois

I love you my child……

when you cough, I can’t but take a look at you,
when you cry, I can’t get angry for too long
because you are a part of me.
I cannot think straight when you are down
you make me so happy, you even make me love my mother the more.

My child, I pray for you today,
Usted sera fructifero y multiplicarse- You will be fruitful and multiply
Enemigos nunca le va a destruir en nombre de Jesus- Enemies will never destroy you in Jesus name
Tu seras rey entre sus parers- You shall be king among your peers
El diablo no te hara una fuente de dolor para mi- The devil will not make you a source of sorrow for me

Be blessed my child- permanecer bendita
This is my ark for you, darling.
I love you……
si, mama te quiere mucho- yes, mummy loves you dearly!


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