My endless wish……
What could that be?
Could it be a perfect marriage?
a pot full of silver or gold?
Or maybe diamond?
Could it rather be a blooming understanding on every span of spring?
none of these masses
two things I endlessly wish and fight for;
true love and true friends
think I will faint in my spirit when I step into one
may my eyes never mar none
flush out
flesh out
my endless wish.

Written to meet the prompt on dVerse Poet Pub.

14 Replies to “MY ENDLESS WISH”

    1. Thank you my dear sister, I would choose April 13th instead because I would be starting my end of semester exams on April 20th. Truly, I have been extremely busy of late but I surely will try to honor this nomination. Deep from my heart of hearts, I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you.

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