Dear brethren,

After all the struggles and sufferings of past years, now I see the biggest sign of hope in you, my family. It isn’t because of what our governments or fore-fathers have done or failed to do, but because I know we have more work to do. In your hands as well as mine, lies the hope for a new generation of great leaders, of which each of us commit our time and talent not just to the toils of today, but to the frontier of tomorrow where new dreams, hopes and possibilities await us.
As we embark on this magnificent journey of life, some starting from the scratch and some evolving like the volcano, let’s take up the work of not just making a living but of making a life. For if all we have on our hearts is a painted pain, we will prove our enemies right, that we(the people of Africa) labor under a curse, that we live not for progress and freedom but for the reeks of a home, for defeats in which nobody loses anything of value, for victories without hope, and worst of all without pity or compassion. And that, our grieve on no universal bones, leaving no scars, will leave not from the heart but from the glands.

Yeh, my dear continent, we have more work to do, hard work, frightening work, uncertain work and unending work. Work that may test us, work that may defeat us, work for which we may not get the credit but work of which the whole world(our family) depends. The time is short and the odds are long but I believe that we are ready nonetheless, with the love of those who raised us without regret, with the lessons of the toils of our life experiences, with the strength of those who stand beside us as we face what lies ahead of us and with the great amour of God; I say let’s begin.
Life offers each one of us different opportunities and once an opportunity is lost, it’s gone forever except by the grace of God. It is up to each one of us to patiently prepare, wait, recognize and utilize every opportunity. Let’s learn on the way while we have life. No one knows it all or has it better. There is a reason why we hail from Africa. A reason for which we are called “Blacks”.

Enough is enough, let’s turn away from blood shedding and drown our continent legacy in tears about our predecessors vain wealth. Rather, let’s pin into the foot of our thoughts that this life we walk is heavy laden. For, all I hear are the echoes, whispers and tongues not audible in what our ancestors leave behind.
And I see visions of men with dusty faces and women with sore lips beckon to step into a light. A light I can’t tell its source or future. Into an unknown place that breeds of love, peace, satisfaction, change and purity.
Today, I roll my plea before you all, let’s have a plan A B C D……but above all, let’s remember to always stay focus with the quest to be the Best Us. I mean, THE BEST AFRICANS. In ready for all the tests; I see the Greater Africa in the Greater You and I. May this letter *Activate* *Captivate* and *Motivate* our soul to Succeed. We’re blessed, lets reflect it. #Teamwork is the Key with No Greed. But please let’s not journey life without the real MVPs; Most Valuable Players. We’re Not Perfect but I think we’re on the path to Perfection and Purpose if only we desire a CHANGE.

My Confession is that;
the Greater us will always be our Pen-ink Defends, and as I end my letter, *May My Words Change Your Thoughts*. Great love for you all!

Your dearest,

Written to meet the prompt on dVerse Poets Pub, where we are been asked by Abhra to write a Letter.


  1. I can tell that you wrote this from your soul my sister. Please know that your hopes for your homeland are mirrored here in the states as well. None of us are perfect even if the news paints their own picture. Africa is the world’s glory. The people and history are treasures that we can’t afford to lose.

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  2. For, all I hear are the echoes, whispers and tongues not audible in what our ancestors leave behind… that line especially hit me; I often wonder just how our ancestors feel about today’s world (not good obviously), our people are not unified as a whole; we’re getting killed while the killers get to walk free… I want better for us, I really do…

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  3. Ah.. yes all change starts at the heart.. and for the analytical minds that
    only know reason and do not feel heart.. those are not the minds
    to be changed.. as grass roots are the hearts that count
    for change in all things
    A blade of grass in a letter will do
    more than words of
    swords together..:)

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