The Unshakable Gratitude


When my efforts grow drear
you, my precious friends linger near
I could never return
all that you have given me
and could not ever burn
with the love you have shown me
My gratitude will bear the decays of your vouch
and until the sky merges with the sea
my tenderness gratitude will not be appreciate
on blue bubbles olives scent;
a gourmand fragrance of fondness

And when the primitive time and place converge,
then all will proceed to the general attribute of love
one that keeps sparkling from distance afar
though mysteries are barred from laic eyes,
and the divine alone with warrant pries
into thy bosom, where thy truth in private lies,
you took hold of my hand and you led me to
the light of faith, where shrouded hopes were restored

Is, or is not, our great friendship evolves from Fate,
and true or false, the outcome is built for a rebate,
From the princes’ coffers, and from the statesmen’s brains,
the love has been sealed with the king’s signet ring
and for this reason;
may the great negro’s gratitude flow swiftly to
her fortune found comrades
from a true Ghanaian baobab tree, to the Romanian prowess,
and finally;
to the Duchess of Britain;
my heroine and damsel mentor of a sort

Candidly, may my benefactor gratitude never ends
on an early gray but last to the sky unknown,
till the beatitude of love gallops all boundaries
even to the point of breaking through every marrow of racism;
to the wintry canopy of beautiful thesaurus
where love bridges!

“…….…when friends gather, much is exchanged; including words of gratitude……….”.

This poem is dedicated to Monica Lazar and Simona Nete, co-founders of Cabin Crew Excellence and the entire CCE team, especially, Sam. This is my way of saying thank you for the love, support, care, coaching and words of encouragement given me. May the good Lord bless and always keep you united. May Heaven’s Light shine on all that you do. May health, prosperity and happiness come your way and Love fill your heart throughout 2015 and beyond. Long Live our eerie friendship and Long Live CCE!

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