There isn’t hope for everyone

I sometimes wonder if I have never laboured enough too

V. Naa Takia


I don’t react well to disappointment

the kind that hits so hard you can but only stand

and remind yourself that no one

ought love this deep

And then waking up becomes a lie

sunrise, sunset, all one and the same

agonizing truth, cold staring in the face

you wonder if you never labored enough

to save your insides the pain

 You gave me reasons to hold back that wrist

To say maybe today will be different

To die a million deaths to earn me a second of life with you

 Is it not love, something unquantifiable, defiant and stupid

Is it not me wanting my demon to whom I am so devoted

that even when I know you will never turn up

I thought-pick a memory

of moonlit shade, music and quiet kisses

and listen to each whisper so intimately defined


still foolishly hoping…

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