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My Mind mill...


There’re times when that familiar

 pang knocks out your entrails-

Throw yourself out there man!

Just do it!

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Ties that bind….
wrongly tied
Or it is one of those tough starts that lead to perfect ends?
How far should I persist?
Or when and how long do I have to keep letting go?
Answers, Lord; Answers!

My constant tears,
those childish fears,
the good and bitter fighting’s
the give it all another try
It’s hard to deal with these turning tables
It’s easier said than done
I did not listen to those fables
Cracks of pains
It’s getting tough on me now Continue reading “MURDERED LOVE”


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Take my heart, this ball of yarn
and wrap it ’round your chest.
…….I rest
within this knitted quiet place,
…….my case
of lies unraveled, strewn to space.
The needles don’t sting;
I feel nothing.
…….…….Unarmed, I rest my case.

I’m tendin’ bar over at d’Verse today, and we’re playing around with the Ovillejo.
C’mon over and check it out! And be sure to go barhoppin’ to read some great poems.

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Face frown in prone;
Pain and anguish marred again
Body drumming in breaking rhythms
Let my being save my arms and
throat from hard work

Miami is due at any moment

life is much quieter at the beach
but not on the field

bare feet with stiff drink in hand

Instead of shucking clothes
she prefers to robe them

Don’t crack your brain

appear topless and,

bottomless too

there will be a dental-floss bikini in your attempt

to bolt upright and gasp for breath
just apply simple logic to tough hybrids

This piece is for top level minded chumps
digest it and it becomes your bona-fide riddle;
a rarity for you and I

So, where was I?
“ You were just about finishing whatever story you were telling”

says, the cold windy breeze

guess what the story is;


Today at dVerse De is handling MTB at dVerse with a form that was new for me. The Ovillejo. I tried to come up with this, not sure if I got it write but you know how they say it; there’s no harm in trying.



The path that one is on may be longer than previously thought
Days turn into days while nights are been captured
Can’t help to let down the window for a cool breeze.

Story still unfolding………..
I look at my life and I see mails of poetry events.
Thinking of it as the most fair
Because it’s scent filled the air
Reaching for the heavens above
Poetry is the flower of attraction
Nothing more than a distraction

Scrolling through the pages of my thoughts drives me miles unruffled
Take me higher to my passion island
For your scent is priceless
And it’s making me get used to your fragrance

Sure I’m going to get lot of awesome fames for writing
Yes, from that masterpiece made of poignant ink
And now, the spotlight is on you
Looking forward to reading your evoked scent poem.

Written for dVerse- where Kelly asked us to write about scent or, more specifically, write a poem about a memory evoked by scent.


Your grace and mercy, brought me through
I’m living this moment because of You
I want to thank You, and praise You too
Cos your grace and mercy, brought me through

Thank You, for saving a sinner like me
To tell the world that salvation is free
There were times when I just couldn’t do right
But You watched over me
All day and night

Your grace and mercy, brought me through
I’m living this moment because of You
I want to thank You, and praise You too
Your grace and mercy, brought me through

Justice demanded, that I should die
But grace and mercy said oh, no, oh, no, oh no,
we’ve already paid the price
I once was blind, but thank God I can see
It was because grace and mercy came along and rescued me

Your grace and mercy brought me through
I’m living this moment because of You
I want to thank You and praise You too
Your grace and mercy
Your grace and mercy
Your grace and mercy
Brought me through

This year, I resolve to;
Live with Intentions
Walk to the Edge
Listen Hard and More
Practice more Wellness
Study enough and continue to Learn
Choose with no Regrets
Appreciate and show more Gratitude
Do more of what I Love and
Live as if this is all there is. But above all, I want to Thank and Praise God because; I’m living this moment because of HIM. Hence, the lyrics
Your Grace And Mercy– by Mississippi Mass Choir