The path that one is on may be longer than previously thought
Days turn into days while nights are been captured
Can’t help to let down the window for a cool breeze.

Story still unfolding………..
I look at my life and I see mails of poetry events.
Thinking of it as the most fair
Because it’s scent filled the air
Reaching for the heavens above
Poetry is the flower of attraction
Nothing more than a distraction

Scrolling through the pages of my thoughts drives me miles unruffled
Take me higher to my passion island
For your scent is priceless
And it’s making me get used to your fragrance

Sure I’m going to get lot of awesome fames for writing
Yes, from that masterpiece made of poignant ink
And now, the spotlight is on you
Looking forward to reading your evoked scent poem.

Written for dVerse- where Kelly asked us to write about scent or, more specifically, write a poem about a memory evoked by scent.

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