Face frown in prone;
Pain and anguish marred again
Body drumming in breaking rhythms
Let my being save my arms and
throat from hard work

Miami is due at any moment

life is much quieter at the beach
but not on the field

bare feet with stiff drink in hand

Instead of shucking clothes
she prefers to robe them

Don’t crack your brain

appear topless and,

bottomless too

there will be a dental-floss bikini in your attempt

to bolt upright and gasp for breath
just apply simple logic to tough hybrids

This piece is for top level minded chumps
digest it and it becomes your bona-fide riddle;
a rarity for you and I

So, where was I?
“ You were just about finishing whatever story you were telling”

says, the cold windy breeze

guess what the story is;


Today at dVerse De is handling MTB at dVerse with a form that was new for me. The Ovillejo. I tried to come up with this, not sure if I got it write but you know how they say it; there’s no harm in trying.


17 Replies to “THE PIECE IN TOW”

    1. Bjorn, I think maybe the poet is going more for my final “alternate” directions? A bundle of something…a riddle within…I like those “breaking rhythms” very much. I did think I might find an Ovillejo in the center of this, as I was reading, Rytha. That would be a nice touch, if you do want to give it a try. Reading those others have written will help greatly.

      Otherwise, you’ve got some nice lines here, and a fine unraveling of phrase.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I can but not today, loads of work on my desk. Too thight at work, maybe my link should be removed from this prompt. I will understand. Besisdes, its just fair for the sake of the prompt. Thank you.


  1. Smiles.. it’s ‘funny’ you kNow..
    friend.. i followed all the
    rules here.. and even
    had my link removed
    some time ago..
    that ‘s why you
    never see me link
    here again.. as the
    world is too large
    for narrow minds..
    however.. the folks
    who write poeTry
    here are treasures..
    and yes.. now as well..
    feelings.. too.. my friend..
    are scarce online.. we feel..
    only thing is.. this wouldn’t
    be an issue.. if other folks who
    do not follow the rules at all
    get no admonishment at all..
    and sure.. i have responded to
    every single link here since
    March of last year..
    so i’ve seen it
    over and
    one’s picked
    in cliques over
    others.. for those
    of us who don’t make
    their grade of rules
    or whatever
    it is that
    the grade
    of them..
    Sorry.. it just makes
    me righteously indignant
    to see someone.. whomever..
    threaten to remove a link..
    for some.. and let others
    go without a word..
    what this
    is it is
    and far from
    professional my
    friend.. or fair..
    but alas
    the world
    when we don’t
    have to face each other
    face to face.. and trust
    me.. the ‘man’
    who wrote
    tell you
    he would
    remove anything
    of yours face to face..
    i know the type
    too well…
    and with all
    that said..
    i dance
    for Fred
    for what
    anyone worries
    about that my friend..
    ’cause i can.. just ’cause i can..
    Rules are for work.. local.. state
    and Federal Laws.. and that’s
    all.. at
    least for
    me.. fully now..
    And to be clear
    just my opinion
    of course.. but
    i have a feeling
    you will not
    mind if
    i freely
    that here..
    my friend..
    you handled it
    very professionally
    with tact and reason..
    and i did too.. the first
    three times it happened
    even when i was following
    the rules..
    but i have
    limits too..
    and truly
    we all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. katiemiafrederick……aaawww, I’m speechless! Seriously out of words now, what more can I say. All I know is, I’m glad I have you and some others who share my sentiment. Thank you and its from the bottom of my heart.
      Thanks a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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