Ties that bind….
wrongly tied
Or it is one of those tough starts that lead to perfect ends?
How far should I persist?
Or when and how long do I have to keep letting go?
Answers, Lord; Answers!

My constant tears,
those childish fears,
the good and bitter fighting’s
the give it all another try
It’s hard to deal with these turning tables
It’s easier said than done
I did not listen to those fables
Cracks of pains
It’s getting tough on me now

How…just how long do I have to keep letting things go?
It’s getting tougher on the surface to let it show…
I’m going to faint someday if I don’t guide myself
Sacrificial Nun…….
Yes that should be a fortune to consider
This will be an agreeable breeze I can never obliterate
Heaven help me cos I can’t help myself

Just wish…..

wish I could have a chat with nature,
it should help me feel better
Love has been hostile; a cold wind of a sort
slicing everything needle rain drop in me
hunting after me anything I suffered for
My keen heart scans surfaces for
brutal experiences,
black deep spots, bitter sighs
My love has been murdered
My life is in distress
pain is the only thing that is telling me I’m still alive
That amount of work should have seemed insane.
Not useless like it used to be
I’ve longed to be truly free
Free from love oppress
Free from shackles and bondages
Chains and pains
Freedom is what I need.


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