Repeating patterns we know so well
Ever asked why?
Because seasons and years spin by
A time will come to bid farewell
Most of us will dizzy under the spell
Those who stay on will say good-bye
Repeating patterns we know so well
Ever asked why?
Cos we close our eyes without imagining where we dwell
Tis time we get off the midway of nature’s cry
To dismount winter dry
Love must lead now, so to bid beautiful farewell
Repeating patterns we know so well

Meeting the Bar on dVerse. Where Bodhirose tasked us to write a Rondel, working with a 13 line poem. Each quatrain is 4 lines each and then the quintet is 5 lines.


If I could turn back the hand of time
My life could be an empire of eminence
If I could make a wish
I’d wish to start all over again
I’d take away all the deviant lifestyle
and not make thoughts and doubts my aim
If I could meet with mama’s advice and late grandma’s prayers
and treat those two diamonds just the same;
I wouldn’t need to build my future up with worn-out tools

If I could bear to hear the truth they spoke
Or watch the things they both gave their lives to,
just to straighten me up
If I could make one heap of all my winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start all again at my very beginnings
And never breathe a word about my loss;
I would have been a fountain of substance by now

If I could make a wish
I’d start by making things right,
I’d take away all my doubts,
And pin my ears to craving words,
There’s no doubt I know I will be a better person.
For there’s nothing else I know
than that pieces of cooked words
If I could make a wish
I’d go to the next lifetime to heed to those piteous memories,
which I call words of wisdom

There’s nothing I’d love more
than making life so easy for myself.
For there’s nothing else I know now
that gives me peace and guidance like those pieces of gold,
But I know someday,
all my wishes will come true
when I come back again as an obedient child.

Written for dVerse- where Abhra asked us to write about what we think we could come back like.