DEATH- The Awkward Tribute

Lord, Shepherd our brother this day and beyond
In green pastures, let him lay
To still waters, guide his way
Restores his soul, Lord, we pray.
And to those he left behind; give to us the breast-plate of comfort and peace
Let thy goodness surpasses the toils of our sorrow. This we ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

He that was young and fair has fallen to dust. Nana as he was affectionately called was a real gentle vibrant colleague of ours. Sweet, respectful and humble to all. Ten o’clock, Tuesday, 12th January, 2016 arrived just once too soon, you could have walked just one short step, taken one long look, or drew one more deep breath. Why did you have to die when the lambs were just about to crop? Seriously, you should have been born where apples drop, so winds can blow you back. You were such a true lover of all. Your unbeatable smiles, jovial personality, good human relation, sense of humor, humble self, your assertive and hardworking spirit can’t be erased from our memories.


Sweet people don’t depart from the living in a haste. They are far of fly from summer’s death. So why now, Nana? Why must you die when snow was about falling? This commemoration shouldn’t be yours. You could have at least waited till lithe swallows the muster before leaving. With who are you at the center of this casket, and where in God’s name are you heading too? Certainly, we know you are going to Heaven.

Denouement to denouement, you took a personal pride in the certain, a way to live your own private life. But nevertheless, the landlord called; and the radio broke. Hey Nana, know that the entire squad-field are sodden stubble and the grasshoppers of MTN S&D have been left troubled. Our egos want to force a smile, but our souls do not feel the need for it. This little sadness doesn’t taste good at all; but we swallow it as we console ourselves with this verse;

“To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. The dust returns to earth and the spirit returns to God who gave it” – 2 Corin. 5: 8, Eccl 12: 7

Tie the tears; tie the whole team’s tears, for we will cry an ocean till we meet again. We vex our heart though we believe you are at rest with the Maker. Very much missed by the Sales team of MTN GHANA; deeply, deeply mourned by the entire company.

Peace, peace be unto you and heap earth rest solemnly upon your mortal soul. Do have a good rest, Nana.

Damrifa Dua, Nana! Repose en Paix Parfaite! Descanse en Paz Perfecta! Отдых в совершенном мире!


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