is the Garden
well decorated
with Michaelmas and Shasta daisies
above the ground

Brighten colors

warm bunny smiles
Here comes the bride
ushered in
by the page boy
flower girl

Hair tangled beneath shoulder level
each knot is a mark of shared love

The perfume
mixed up with the breeze

Heart’s overwhelmed
love music charm
into serene environ

Sun light
with birches and willows
gratefully loomed
with falling leaves

her big day!


Written for dVerse – a prompt on Haibun.

6 Replies to “THE BIG DAY”

  1. It is indeed a special day ~ However, I have to comment that is written in free style poetry, not haibun ~ Haibun is a prose, followed by haiku or micro poetry ~ You still have time to edit it as we have the whole week ~

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  2. A sweet poem – though, as Grace also points out, not really a response to the prompt. Reading what others have done with it will give you a better idea.

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