My indifference……calmness, undemonstrated

My forth-comings, sometimes gloomy

But my beauty, gets me attractive

All of these give me my texture

And turns to hem my composure

I’m pretty sure you could sense my façade

Of who I am

A Phlegmatic?


A Melancholic?


Written for dVerse- Writing a Quadrille (a poem of 44 words: no more, no less – not including the title), to create a self-portrait.  


29 thoughts on “SELF PORTRAIT

  1. Excellent. I love the description of our personalities being textured. That’s perfect.

    This is my favorite:
    “All of these give me my texture
    And turns to hem my composure”

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  2. A beautiful photo – and beautiful words. I especially like the idea of having “texture.” All of our experiences, challenges, places seen and unseen, friends and not-so-friends, genes… All add to our texture.

    So glad you posted for my prompt! Do hope you’ll stop by deVerse and read some of the other cameos — such interesting folks visit our pub for poets!

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  3. Marvelous contraditions in your self-portrait – makes you a very interesting character! Ending with a question is just brilliant; it takes your reader back into the poem for the answer. Glad you joined us for this prompt – c’mon back 🙂

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  4. Your poem is written as a tentative painting… however, it is shaped like a… goblet? wine glass? Brush strokes of you, sips of you, poised on a solid base of questioning. Poetically wonderful!

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