It’s all very well to tell people not to be afraid, but how? You can’t just “step on fear’s oxygen pipe” and hope it goes away. Fear is not a rational emotion, but it often has a rational basis: for instance, I desire to leave my current job just to go chase after my Dream job since I barely could do both at the same time. But though there’s an urge, I’m also very much afraid of been rejected by my dream employer. I know you might be asking yourself if I have tried applying to that dream job or not. Well the answer is, yes. I have and for the second time, I have been rejected after striving to the final stage of the recruitment process.

The worst part of it is that, I still can’t figure out what exactly led to my rejection and this makes me feel Terrible as though, my world is crumbling before me.  There is nothing irrational about this. I look into the future (a future of void and insecurity in my current job) and I am afraid. No one has the right to tell me not to be afraid, especially when I am doing all I can to land this new job and it is not working. Even if I try not to fear, it doesn’t always go away, especially when my passion remains stubbornly unshaken. However, I also don’t want to be knocked down by this same feeling and so I try to be Positive sometimes.

Truly, there is nothing impossible for a positive mind. Whatever the inner urges, that shall become true. And so whatever my labors and aspirations are, in the noisy toils of life, I still keep peace with my soul. I will learn to live in Faith and keep hoping for a better tomorrow. A personal mandate of me, is to be fulfilled in life by making the world a better place for myself and everyone around me. I believe if you are fulfilled with whatever you might be doing, any other thing falls in place. Big or small, everything matters, every effort counts and everyone who crosses my path contributes. My Fear, yet, my Faith.


This is to meet the bar on dVerse – sharing one’s fear(s)  in writing.

18 Replies to “MY FRIGHT, YET, MY FAITH”

  1. ” my passion remains stubbornly unshaken” I think these words say it all. Don’t give up your dreams as long as the passion is there. Sometimes that’s all we have or know for sure.

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  2. SMiLes.. my FriEnd rythaephua..
    i suppose the one thing thAt could
    take mosT aLL the fears aWay
    from yoUr
    dreAms iSREAL..
    iS thE green bLack or wHatever
    color oF money eXists wHere yoU
    liVe in paper or plastic.. oh.. the
    priSon MoNey BRinGs noW..
    for not
    F money
    i wish you
    could too..
    mY FrienD.. FReED..:)

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