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“Women have no idea how much men hate them” – Germane Greer. Really? But how or why? Weren’t they born by women, why the hate now?


” Women have no idea how much men hate them – Germane Greer “

He  loved her ,

He wanted to marry her  ,

She cared to nurse the wounded

A small space to be valued as human not  as a woman

Just another pretty face

If you are not mine ,then be ravaged

I will destroy you ….

It is  your face that haunts me ……..

Also the curves and your legs in stockings

I am sure you want to attract all others

wealthier and more prominent…

You will soon be somebody  , I am a nobody

You need lessons , other than that taught

in your college …….

I am sure you did not burn the midnight oil

You passed all your exams because of  your face

Pretty women do not study , they do not work hard

They are definitely not intelligent

Those who envied her pretty face are…

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How far would you go?

Quest for Whirled Peas

How far would you go for what you believe in
.….would you endure discomfort?
How far would you go for what you believe in
…..would you run a marathon?
How far would you go for what you believe in
…..would you climb a mountain?
How far would you go for what you believe in
…..would you swim across the sea?
How far would you go for what you believe in
…..would you sacrifice your life?

How far would you go for what you believe in
….would you even cross the street?


I’ve been pondering my convictions and beliefs lately…and been doing some soul searching about how strong my faith really is.  Would I endure anything…or would I break under the slightest pressure?

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We should be dancing in the rain.
We used to laugh with abandon,
Everyday was the first of spring.

Could we have exhausted the spring
that made us celebrate the rain?
Our carefree youth we abandon.

Winter tried us with abandon
But together we meet this spring
and smile under its cleansing rain.

May the rain not abandon us to a dry spring. 


The poem was written for Jane Dougherty's Poetry Challenge:  Spring in the Park. Using the above painting by Cornoyer as inspiration, Jane asked us to write a Tritina - a 10 line poem with three stanzas of three lines each, and a tenth sentence. Three words form the motif of the poem. they become the ending words of the lines in this pattern: 1, 2, 3; 3, 1, 2; and 2, 3, 1. The last sentence uses all three words in the order 1, 2, 3…

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Yes, and we will continue to write poetry, it’s what gives us peace and satisfaction.


Not all of us find love

Some  wear that wedding

dress at the right time

with a wrong person

Sometimes truth dawns

before the baby & spell is gone

also the baby

At other times it continues

a half reconciled duty

for the babies

Some are happy with just a

merger of flesh , they find a

different one every now and then

They manage to have two beds

Two hearts ( Reluctant/ Absent one with the spouse)

‘Real one’ with the child / lover

Double book keeping like for income tax

‘Nostalgic one’ with an ex-sweetheart

‘Never happened one’ with the astrologer

Others  make do with the bar , cocktails

Many build empires

Few sit on the throne

Some cultivate lands

Evolve as dance teachers

Or foot ball coaches

Some of us write poetry

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