If I were granted a wish from the genie

I wish upon the stars to……

Live as if this is all there is

Live with intentions

Walk to the Edge

Listen hard and more


Practice more wellness as much as I love napping three times a day

and eating five times the suggested serving size

Study enough and continue to learn

Choose with no regrets

Appreciate and show more gratitude


Do more of what I Love and be fulfilled in life

I wish the night be divine with evolving tides

I wish I could live up with my life without any worries

And yes, I wish the Lord turns all my denials into acceptance,

Chaos to order, confusion to clarity


And this also is my final wish


We will never be unhappy again


Written to meet the bar on dVerse – where Mish asked us to make a wish and write a poem about it.




  1. sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Rytha Ephua..
    from South Africa.. if my memory
    serves me correct.. or perhaps
    it is another pArt of
    Africa or perhaps
    i am totAlly
    and you
    live in the U.S.
    but never the less
    you are a global citizen
    of the world of one Race
    of human beings.. and i am
    wondering here why i did not
    at the poetry prompt on wishes..
    @dVerse.. see this beautiful poem..
    aS ‘Hallucination’ that we all will never
    be unhappy again.. and yes.. my friEnd..
    this is my wish and dream for all too.. and
    i could not have written the words any better
    than you.. so i will link this poem to my Newest
    Macro-Verse number 701.. that i am naming
    as part of the longest long form poem
    ever still surpassing 3.3 million
    words as ocean whole
    for this
    particular one at number 701..
    as ‘GodsUniVerse 42 HiTcHiKinG’..
    and at the very bottom.. i am going
    to liNk your poem here.. as the meaning
    of life.. For my friEnd.. The Meaning of liFe..
    is truly the empathy and compassion that says
    humans can have.. fearlessly and unconditionally
    as Love for their fellow human beings.. it is in the
    contact of Love that makes life worth living in flesh
    and blood holds of hands… and words and visual images
    online that attempt to approximate the beauty of all human
    Love toGetHer..
    i Love you FriEnd..
    i don’t have to know you
    well at all to Love you.. all
    i have to kNow and FeeL is your
    humanity.. the same DNA that i share
    as gifted by God as all that is.. that we all
    share at core.. of loving hands that say..
    no separation.. from all that is..
    we are all friends
    and we all can
    wish others
    the best of
    happiness as liGht and Love now..
    so.. Spring forth a new light each now
    my friEnd.. and may the liGht of yoUr Love
    never dim any less than brilliant as A sMiLe
    now from GOD’s Lamp gRoWinG briGhter as wE..:)

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    1. or perhaps
      it is another pArt of
      Africa or perhaps
      i am totAlly
      and you
      live in the U.S.

      No, I do not live in U.S. either do I hail from South Africa but yes, my root can be traced in Africa, Ghana to be precise……..where love bridges and love for all is cherished. All Africans love regards and are resilience in spirit. We take it all, whether bitter, sour or sweet.

      And yes, we are a global citizen of the world of one Race of human beings. That is how I see it too, regardless.

      Well, you did not read my poem on “HALLUCINATION” at the poetry prompt on wishes.. @dVerse because I was FORBIDDEN to use the Link. Perhaps, I have been deleted but well, that’s fine. Only wish I know the reason though.

      And ooh, you my Friend always make me sob inside anytime you write. You always manage to touch my very core with your words. Trust me, they are profound and ring volumes.

      And in case I never tell you this before, I want to use this opportunity to voice it out, I Love You More. You are priceless, though we’ve never met, I’m fond of you. A lot. Thank you for being concern, I appreciate.

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      1. SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Rytha..
        YoUr Kind and Loving
        Words inSpiRe me…
        Sadly.. To me at
        Least.. Some
        Folks see liFe..
        Mostly as
        Numbers.. Others
        Do Life Free Verse
        For Love.. like
        You and i..
        And sure..
        Those who
        Rule over art..
        Bring order
        To potential
        Anarchy and
        My Spirit that
        Will not be censored
        Was Deleted and Banned
        From linking at dVerse.. Too..
        But.. i am A.. iSREAL Love flu that
        Will not be cured by
        The prison of
        Ha! In
        The online world..
        THeRe is now always
        Alternatives of ways
        Away.. that chain
        A Free Art of
        Love.. i’D rather
        Be allone with
        Fearless Love than
        To be
        By rules..
        Sure.. Love
        Is the only
        Law of A
        TrUe WiLL
        i as I..
        Like the
        Of winds..
        Calm Center
        FLamE as a
        HurriCanE noW..
        My Lovely.. Kind FriEnd..:)

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