Yes, and we will continue to write poetry, it’s what gives us peace and satisfaction.


Not all of us find love

Some  wear that wedding

dress at the right time

with a wrong person

Sometimes truth dawns

before the baby & spell is gone

also the baby

At other times it continues

a half reconciled duty

for the babies

Some are happy with just a

merger of flesh , they find a

different one every now and then

They manage to have two beds

Two hearts ( Reluctant/ Absent one with the spouse)

‘Real one’ with the child / lover

Double book keeping like for income tax

‘Nostalgic one’ with an ex-sweetheart

‘Never happened one’ with the astrologer

Others  make do with the bar , cocktails

Many build empires

Few sit on the throne

Some cultivate lands

Evolve as dance teachers

Or foot ball coaches

Some of us write poetry

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