Can your heart welcome a guest that might come to stay for a lifetime? Such a question.



I cant escape from you

the door key was lost

from the moment you walked in

I searched for kisses

and caresses in all the corners

But cobwebs of memories

are being cleaned forever

Did he kiss you ?

Did you climb the mountains with him ?

Was this the same lake where you

went boating together albeit in a group ?

I hated history back in school

Battles of Panipat I , II, or III

Who lost or won , who cares ?

Many died that is all

Yesterday’s newspaper

Never sells today

But it lives on in your mind

Lies hurt me , truths hurt you

Truth or dare I have lost interest in both

I smell your perfume on my wounds

You are searching desperately for the keys too

Once you do , you may also become the past.

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Life is indeed an irony

Its twists and turns sets the chronicles of one’s perception about life

This intend makes it credibly ironical

One doesn’t know who people really are anymore

Love is spiced with hidden hatred and hatred garnished with skeptical love

Who are we deceiving, God or our very selves?


The Falling Thoughts

All those vegetarian, vegans and meat lovers

Uniforms people and under covers

All those criminals, pedophiles and molesters

Hackers, bankers and investors..

Agitator, opposer and protesters

All those achievers, believers and disbelievers

All those robbers, stealers and drug dealers

All of you, have been made by clay

You are here to pray, not to play

Your departure has been announced

There won’t be any delay

Don’t invest permanently

For your temporary stay

If you want peace, be on your knees

Call God’s name everyday


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