Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Lick your wounds, never countyour

scars.More will come to those who stall.

Get up,move beyond the physical.Fractured,

you’re trapped in a corner.Claw your wayout of

this hole you currently call home.Thiswill redefine

tomorrow.You were born forthese seconds.Failure

has known this soul forcountlessgenerations. It all

matters now. The next move. The nextword. The

next step. Replace theparadigm.Let the change

alteryour veins.Wake up shifted.Amnesia

laced jest. You finally understand.

Photographer Unknown

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Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Yesterday you asked me what

I wanted for my birthday. Didn’t

reallyknow how to respond because,

well look at you. The day we met, I woke

up from my perpetual never ending dream

of a routine. Today I realized that there is

just one thing I desperately need. It’s for

you to forever be the first vessel I see

when I wake. You taught mehow to

breathe, and never gave up on we.

Photographer Unknown

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