If (The Parody) 


Poetry Art Heart

If love was water

I won’t dare remember of the ocean

Coz my phobia for cold water is real

I’d sacrifice it for a nice walk in the park

If love was a flower

I’d pray for all to wither

For I believe not in love in any weather

If love was a star

I’d ask for longer days

I’d avoid it as a plague

For it is just but a torture

If love was the law

Then I’d be in prison

I’d never abide by it

Against it I’d even commit treason

If love was life

Then I’d pray to God for my soul to take

I’d always lead myself into traps to keep it at stake

If love had a definition

I’d gladly choose to fail grammar

For you I’d not leave mama

If love was a question

Then mine would be a riddle

So hard to solve

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