First it was force

Next it was for the one

I was a dish to be eaten with greed

Every touch merely created a new distance

If I touched in return, a suspicion followed

About the origins of a knowledge

That may be just coded in the X (wrong) chromosome…..

Enforced passivity like stone or death

Bruises or bites, intimacy of violence left me cold

It was more like making hate

I grew closer to a star in the window with passing nights

Darkness became familiar in the corners of a body

Not seen by light or lens of human eyes ….

All the mindfulness was it just foreplay?

A clever ploy for a fulfillment where I was excluded

Witnessing a mute tear of loneliness with in

Growing hopeless by the hour

If you say you love me

I am afraid you will love me less after making love…….

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