Circumstances they say has no preference

that’s why some of us don’t just go through life

but allow it to penetrate through us


Life has a way of treating us

Sometimes, our destinies are covered with woes

To some of us, there are some weapons we still don’t know how to use

Like the one for the heart


But on the brink of wickedness

I will take no chance instead, steal that power

I could forgive you of all your fussy torture

But a face like yours belongs to the zoo

Don’t worry, I will be there too

Not in the cage though, but beside your pen laughing at you


For I have no knowledge of your fecklessness in your venomous wickedness

I have tasted agony; I could still see the malign in your eyes

I see the smiles that’s locked inside which I cannot connect

And I can also see the pain in my weak eyes

Many times in fact, I know the bumps and resonances

But soon one day I know, my heart will respite

And on that day, I’ll be counted as just another victim



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