2016 has been a tough year with so many challenges and unpleasant experiences. All of that and more. Though most of them were as a result of my shortsightedness, I do not regret what the past has taught me, I only regret the precious time I spent with the wrong people. And so, as the year comes to an end, I would like to go back to the drawing board to check what I couldn’t do right, pick up the pieces and start putting the puzzle together before 2017 comes to meet me.

I’m not so sure what the coming year has for me though, but I’m pretty certain it’s going to treat me better than the previous years offered me. But more so, I know I have to do better with my life. It’s a mandate for me to reset my goals, plans and aspirations. Storms will drift but I need not hide but face them and do things right. The purpose of life is to learn and admit that, life itself is a great teacher. And when you are being tossed in all directions, hold on tightly. Opportunities will bring you back to that faith you’ve been searching for. In the midst of turbulence, just hold on because this is one of the lessons 2016 has taught me. At least, my attitude allowed me to smile a bit.

2016 is about to end and life is yet to get better. I need to do better in the coming year and before the sky gets clearer in 2017, I pray for God’s guidance to do better. But before the wind of time changes, I would like to celebrate the trials of this year and of course appreciate the few good moments it brought me. There’s always something to be thankful for. Also, I think I should thank all those who made me smile. You are one of them, so here’s a Big Thank You! May 2017 be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.


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