Can you give me back my ID?

I’m yoked to this love

I promise I will keep it save

It’s my passport to a boundless passage of ecstasy

A way to give route to a joyful ending without any ding-a-ling

Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by you

Steal my heart if you like, I will let you keep it

A big beep on the button

And I will come running to your confines

In a never-ending pit of abstraction we’ll troll

to a destine island of ecstasy.


He doesn’t know what he wants

All he knows is to have all on a shelf like a trophy


always have trouble picking his favorite anything

and without a doubt, I can tell you’re inferior


that’s what describes you best

But I promise you one thing,

you’ll disburse what you stole from me and others

all of it in due time.


Hurt me with the truth

instead of comforting me

with a lie


a half truth is better


a devastating lie

blunder…….is when you look

straight in my eye


and lie to me.


When Love Is Not Love

Olufunke Kolapo

Will love still be love
When all deem it wrong
When the people in love
Are not supposed to be?

Will love still be love
When no one thinks it’s decent
Safe the people in love
And all they to prove is their love?

Is love still love
When the head says to the heart
“This feeling is so wrong ”
And the heart whispered back,
“But it feels so right”?

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Shall we talk?

My Mind mill...

images Image courtesy: metaphysicsknowledge.com

Forgive me…
I know it’s been long I saw your
wide nostrils through this partition;
I know you sense all my guilt from
miles before I get here.

This whole process I find cumbersome
It’s like carrying a heavy
load up and down up
and down without any course

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You and I 


Poetry Art Heart

I pushed everyone away, because I believed love was just a fantasy
But since I got to know you it’s like I turned to papacy

Because, before you love was just a fairy tale

But then, you crossed that line and in my heart you left a trail
Remember that day you talked to me babe

I wanted to tell you to forget me, maybe

Because I’m damaged with a head full of demons

But then you showed me that a cocktail is made from lemons
I used to wait for just the right moment to tell you this

But then I remembered I wanted to be called yours, not his

Though it may sound like one and the same thing

The rigthness of the moment could do nothing but sting
I wanted you to be the first to make a move

But then, I’d to be and willing to…

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