August, 2006 has been incredibly boring

That uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, fear, and misgiving angst

Silence seemed motionless and almost invisible as the wind

yet, audible on an empty conscience

In the moody muddy ruddy dust of uncertainty

I sat by a dead fire to sip black coffee with the burnt bread aunt baked

The feeling was practically mystical and eccentric

An uncommon mishap of Qualm

Such a skeleton of moonless dreams


Teasing my thoughts into an eerie silence,

I said to myself, I have always been a loner

 Brain Myopic

This is a badge some of us wear with shame

Yet, take some pride in it cos we believe it’s best for anyone in our shoes

But may our loneliness never glare with qualm

Rather, soar up a dull day to a bright orange.


This is in response to today’s one-word prompt on The Daily Post

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