I’m The Only One

My Mind mill...

3b0c7e475a09964ab683a124000803db Art by Timothy M. Parker;  via Pintrest.com

When these drums
Began to sound
I tapped my feet gently
To its rhythm
I tossed my head sideways
And allowed my locs
To sway in the breeze

The drummer did not
Beckon me
He did not hassle
Nor convince me

He simply had his head
Buried in a vacuum
And allowed his hands
He did not touch me
Only a smile

It was I who closed
My eyes and waved my
Hands in the air

It was I who got up
To wiggle my waist
And teach
my entire body
How to get drowned
In its pleasure;
The sound of emptiness

This rhythm will not
Fade out when
I stop Dancing

It rather will
Transcend this space
I Occupy,  to reach
Farther distances

When I have come
To reckon this
Song is for the
Entire World
And not just me;

When my…

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