Lust is the sinner’s shame

What’s your shame?

Roll it off at the throne of grace


I swallow

pain as

a trophy

yet entombed

it victoriously.




A mug filled with hot tea

and a comfy bed cum thick blanket

are the only pleasures of winter.




You were born in a specialist health center

I was born at the front door of my abode

we both came into this world and survived.

You’ve been eating foreign cuisines and expensive delicacies

I’ve been taking porridge and traditional potages

we both have grown and are a significant part of humanity.

You go to school in Jeeps and exotic vehicles

I use public transport and finish it up with a saunter

we both went to learning institutions and acquired knowledge.

You roll with the high and mighty and get a super model matrimonial

I’m surrounded by the average class

and marries one whose name never exist in Wikipedia

we both are active in our generation and wonderfully living our lives.

You become a CEO or rather own a firm

I get employed by you to run your empire

we both sure need each other to function and drive

Gold and Diamonds will adorn the casket of your funeral

mine may not even be worthy of a coffin, just a plain box

we’ll nevertheless be dead and our chapter closed without preference.

It is only pathology when the eye gets larger than its socket,

comparison cuts the muscles of esteem and gives greed a new suit,

making minimalism a very complex attribute to attain

and a life full of complexities a better friend to survival

Life is simple, just like tradition

But we choose to complicate it

A civil servant wants to live at par with a tycoon

allowing his throat tie down the forte of his hands.

Every destination has different roads,

same as traditions and customs

be it exotic or native

take the one within your speed limit and fondness,

the timing may show some reaching before or better than others

but the most important thing is, the destination reached

as achievement is decorated while life stay indigenous.


This poem titled “Life’s Simplicity Maintained” was Copyright in 2015 by Funom Makama.  Only italic words are mine.



Sharp brains


beautiful minds


my ice lollies (lollipop)


they inspire me easily.